Tuesday, September 23, 2014

For the Longest Time

So, I have been on a Billy Joel kick lately.  I don't know what possessed me to type him into my Spotify account, but I did.  It drew me back.  Reminded of a vivid childhood that included creativity and dinosaurs and homemade newspapers.  (Mary always won the trip to Hawaii, by the way.)

I had a Mary and  Judy.  They raised us, with the help of our parents, but they put a huge mark on what my brother C and I would become.  Creativity and a  sense of passion and a will to buck against the standard issue.  Maybe that was not their intention, ok, it was probably not their intention, but we all turned out to be creative, free thinkers.  "I'm bored" wasn't something that was uttered a whole lot at M & J's house.  If it was, I don't remember.  We always had something to do.  She had a pool, we had a coloring box, we had a computer, we had each other.  It was a huge artist community for all those under 10.  It was bliss.

The other night I was cooking dinner with my husband and I decided to play Billy Joel.  I needed some of that music.  I remember my Mary sitting at her kitchen table early in the morning listening to her Billy Joel albums and dancing.  Not full out dancing, maybe more of a chair dance, but it is a vivid memory for me.  She was happy and in her zone.  I'm sure she had to amp herself up before a long day of taking care of little ones.  She's the best.

I can't imagine having a different childhood that C and I had.  My parents both worked and we needed somewhere to be to develop.  Mary was our preschool and our after school care and our friend.  She is still our friend.  I love her with all my heart. 

So, back to the other night.  I was cooking dinner for Calico Jack and myself and we were having a great time jamming out to the musing and creating a delicious meal.  Then a song came on and I lost it.  I was drawn back to Mary's house.  I melted.  I was sad and happy and sad and happy.  I don't know how else to describe it.  Through tears I finished dinner, but I feel like I ruined my husband's night.  You can't go back, but you can remember. 

Happy tears, that's what they were.  Happy and Sad because Judy is no longer with us.  I am sad about that, very sad.  But that doesn't compare to what my Mary is probably feeling.  I send her prayers and happiness and happy memories. 

Thank you, my Mary, for giving me such a happy childhood.  And thank you for always being a part of my (our) lives.  You are so special and I love you to the moon and back.

Now back to the music!  How about some "Uptown Girl" and "Piano Man", and any other that you desire.  I'll hit play, just tell me when.