Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Red Lipstick & Feeling Pretty

I used to wear red lipstick all the time.  Perhaps it was the dancer in me, but I really liked red lipstick.  Then, something changed.  I can't place my finger on it, why I stopped wearing red lipstick, but I just stopped.  Then, something happened when I started feeling the feels again.  I realized I wanted to be THAT girl again - the girl that wears red lipstick.

So, my very generous Mother-in-Law took me to Sephora and purchased a shiny new tube of red lipstick.  It has always put a spring in my step and now I have it back in my life!  I'm still a little afraid to wear it during the daytime, as it is quite bright, but I know that eventually I'll just say "who cares what others think?" and I'll put on my red lipstick during the daytime.

Bold is beautiful and you shouldn't be afraid to rock out your favorite accessory! And anyone's best accessory is their smile.  Let it shine, make it bright, and show those pearly whites!

Thank you Universe for great Mother-in-Laws and thank you for red lipstick and giving me yet another day to smile and be happy!

This particular post is brought to you as part of the Curvy Girl Guide Community and Brittany's August 2014 prompts. 

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  1. I like it! The red frames your 100 watt smile just right. smooches